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The FūelBank™ business model addresses the need of the global physical fuel trader by providing the opportunity of discounted fuel & shipping to exit destinations at much shorter timeframes.

By creating a new petrochemical storage, trading and port facility modeled after the Rotterdam petrochemical complex concept, TREE will provide a storage and transshipment solution for many fuel companies and their customers in the west.

FūelBank’s mission is to provide physical fuel traders with effective, easy-to-use trading tools, providing reliable, discounted fuel with the support of a robust logistics operation to meet the ever changing needs of today’s global fuels market.  TREE’s combination of location, storage, shipping, port facilities and global trading capabilities provides a comparative advantage that fills a bottleneck in the global supply chain of petrochemicals.

The FūelBank™ trade system has been developed as a highly-accurate, analytical software / systems combo that is supported by a massive infrastructure of fuel tanks, fuel tanker ships, fueling piers, ports and a network of global supply traders.

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