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Fuel Products

Standard Fuels

Diesel #2

Gasoline (87, 89, 91, 95)

Jet Fuel (A & A1)

Fuel Oil #6

Natural Fuels




Natural Gas

Propane & LPG






Performance Racing Fuels


Racing Fuel (110 & 120)

Fuel Additives 

Fuel Treatment


Fuels for business, government, industry or military

Providing a variety of solutions to meet all our customers needs with quality, quantity, creative (discounted) pricing models and negotiated term contracts with supply guarantees



Whether you have a fleet of Trucks, Ships or are a rail operator, your trains, trucks or ships are able to transport goods and passengers at a cheaper rate than conventional market pricing, discounted off Platts & OPIS.

Our ULSD, Diesel #2, Ethanol or Biofuels serve a wide class of mobile customers who travel the globe, town to town, city to city, cross country, across the seas, across the globe.




Exclusive aviation fuels - Avgas and Jet Kerosene, that meet the standard specifications for all air carriers as one of the most challenging demands of air travel. Training and technical assistance are a few examples of activities that complement our service.

Main products sold are Jet A & Jet A1, although other jet fuel types and specifications are available.




Retail Customers are offered preferred discounted pricing for their chain operations with guaranteed supply, on a scheduled basis. 

FuelBank can help retail customers mitigate long-term fuel costs on a day-to day basis by providing rack, spot, wholesale and retail historical pricing databases, giving customers access to years of price data and modelling to allow for the reconciliation of invoices and trend analysis.

Gasoline grades: 87, 89, 91, 93, 95, 110 & 120 octanes are available.


Variant Products


A wide range of other petrochemical and biofuel products are also available from the FūelBank™ Trade Desk:


  • Petcoke

  • Propane

  • Heating Oils

  • Lubricants

  • LNG / LPG

  • BioDiesel

  • BioGas

  • BioJet

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