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TREE’s Code of Conduct ("CoC") outlines the principles and core values to which all employees are required to adhere. The Code re-affirms our commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards at all times.


The CoC clearly defines expected behaviors and provides guidance to employees as to TREE’s principles and how and what employees should escalate to Compliance and or Management.


TREE has a whistleblowing policy and procedure which allows any individual within the organization to raise a concern (as well setting out the expectation for them to do so) about a situation that might represent a breach of our Code of Conduct or any other company policy. Concerns can be brought to the person’s immediate supervisor, another appropriate manager, the local Compliance Officer, or reported to the company’s ethic’s hotline (either by email or phone).


The company has in place a clear policy of no retaliation for any issues reported in good faith. TREE’s Compliance and Management team are committed to ensuring any issues reported are taken seriously, and are followed through to resolution.


We expect all of our business partners to assist us to meet the responsibilities mentioned in our Code of Conduct and to actively support and respect our values and principles in their own business practices.

We expect all of our partners to conduct themselves and their activities ethically and in compliance with applicable law.

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