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Fraud Alerts

Important information about possible criminal practices using the TREE and FūelBank™ brands


Cyber fraud has become an increasingly common criminal activity over recent years. False websites or fraudulent emails that, using the FūelBank™ logo, business model and sources, offering fuel products or services from suppliers not connected to FuelBank, requesting monetary payments prior to delivery of fuel stocks, or advertising fake job or fuel supply offers, etc., are just an example of these types of activities that aim to trick our suppliers and customers for a financial benefit or to steal sensitive information.


In line with its values of transparency and responsibility, FuelBank works daily to identify and warn people of these situations.


FūelBank™ never requires payment to be involved in a Company recruitment process, nor does it communicate changes to trade accounts via email. Also, it is not common practice to request personal information from our suppliers or customers by email or telephone. If you receive such a request that seems suspicious, you should get into contact with your FūelBank™ TradeDesk representative by filling out the form below to check whether the information is trustworthy.


As a general rule, we recommend that you keep in mind the following recommendations if you receive a suspicious message from 'FuelBank': The exchange shall not be held responsible for damages caused to third parties in the event of fraud using the FūelBank™ brand or one of its suppliers/customers.


  • Do not reply to unsolicited emails or messages from unknown senders. Likewise, do not open attachments to these emails.

  • Do not provide sensitive information (access details, credit card or bank account numbers, etc.) to unknown people or websites that you do not trust and only supply these details via your banker or attorney.

  • Be wary of situations that do not follow the normal flow of industry procedures for physical fuel trading.

  • Do not make any payments without first receiving fuel product in your possession and checking with your SGS rep.

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