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Our History

Building a foundation for advancement in fuel production & supply by converting trash into fuel and selling it to a global market by international market expansion and technological innovation

We're a young company that is a globally positioned fuel exchange with over 190 years of collective history amongst our leadership, committed to supplying the world with high-quality, low cost biofuels.

Founded in 2017 after 5 years of research & development, financing & partner contracts, TREE has been structured to become a global physical fuel exchange and trading / logistics organization. 

From its inception, our firm's management team focused at becoming a distinctive, global fuel exchange with a culture grounded by a commitment to service, quality fuel products and trading efficiency. With a scientific approach to Risk Management, Logistics and Compliance, TREE is positioned to become one of the largest privately owned physical fuel exchanges in the world.

With our beginnings focused on fossil fuel trading, our future activities are focused on producing a wide range of biofuels. We have also planned the physical trade elements of our business to operate a significant portfolio of assets, including production of biofuels, logistics (ships & barges) and storage tanks, terminals and ports.

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