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Our Suppliers: Refineries & Bulk Wholesalers are part of the TREE family

Part of the ecology that is TREE

At TREE, we ensure integrity in the relationships the Company maintains with its suppliers and contractors. Our suppliers are a part of our team and working together enables us to continuously evolve. These companies must comply with the regulations in force concerning labor rights, health, safety, and environment.




All companies that maintain a contractual relationship with us must abide by the Ethics and Conduct Code for Suppliers



for all employees & partners

We build and promote relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

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in trade & supply

We hold our suppliers to the same standards of excellence that we demand of ourselves.


For refineries and bulk wholesalers of refined fuel product interested in becoming a supplier of discounted fuel stocks to FuelBank (discounted from the Platts and OPIS markets), you will first have to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire* and speak to our Trade Desk. With this information, we will analyze whether you meet the minimum requirements to collaborate with us.

If information you provide is of interest to us, we will begin the qualification process, otherwise your request will be put on file to cover possible future needs.

*By submitting this information, it does not imply in any case a commitment on behalf of FuelBank to contact the supplier and maintain any sort of professional relationship.

Pre-qualification questionnaire for suppliers 

Instructions for filling in the supplier pre‐qualification questionnaire 

How to become a supplier to TREE

Our Procurement Protocol


Our procurement process includes the identification and qualification of the supplier (refiner or bulk wholesaler); negotiation, awarding, and notification of the winning bidder; and the formalization of the contract and issuance of the order.





Order / Contract
Performance Review

Stage 1: Bulk Supplier Qualification

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Suppliers are Required to Adhere to a Standardized Code of Conduct


All Suppliers must maintain a standardized Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior that guarantees both their supply obligations and supports the trade guarantees that FuelBank provides to its Traders and Buyers.

Register with FuelBank for our Supply Qualification Process


This process requires potential suppliers to register with FuelBank to become a qualified supplier and as they are given opportunity to optimize their negotiation and purchase management processes by offering leading digital trading solutions.

Stage 2: Negotiation and Ordering Process

The negotiation stage of the transaction is quite important as part of the procurement process, as this leads to the awarding of the supply contract and the submittal of an Order, Tender for Shipping and Term Arrangements.

Supply Contract Tender

Suppliers are required to tender their Supply Contract Offers inclusive of Discounted Pricing Guarantees, Vessel Delivery Schedules, Bulk Production Contracts and Product Quality Specifications.

Digital Transfer of Payments

Once an Offer for Tender is accepted and the Supplier is provided with an Order, the Transaction Terms are implemented, the Supplier is required to confirm shipment via shipping documents and spec sheets.

Stage 3: Bulk Supply Contracts and Order Tender

The Contract and Purchasing Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the transaction process between FuelBank and its supply partners and are part of the contractual documents for the provision of services and/or the performance of work.

Discounted Supply Contract 
Term Supply Guarantees

Suppliers are required to guarantee their Discounted Supply Contracts as FuelBank secures Exit Buyers for delivery of fuel product supplies.

Suppliers are required to guarantee under Contract the Bulk Production of fuel stocks so that FuelBank and its Exit Buyers may budget for the supply and coordinate financial projections with their bankers and finance teams..

Stage 4: Supplier Performance Indicators & Review



We ensure the appropriate performance of every aspect of a supplier's contract with FuelBank by thorough inspection - done through SGS, AmSpec or Intertek.



The component of scheduling is the clear nucleus of any successful physical trade and all suppliers are required to adhere to the FuelBank scheduling protocols.



The essence of a supplier's performance is delivery of the product, on time, as specified and in frequency as required by the supply contract.

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