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Our logistics team coordinates with our Trade Desk 

to manage the efficiency in our physical fuel trades.

Managing the needs of our traders and adverse freight exposures, increasing safety and efficiency to our physical fuel trades and global trade operations are supported by advanced AI technology and an extremely competent trade team.

TREE has ready access to logistics assets worldwide, including a large fleet of time-charter vessels, freight, transport, storage and blending facilities. These give us the capability to respond effectively to market trends and create added flexibility for realizing arbitrage opportunities.

Our shipping partners operate fleets of high quality, double-hulled vessels, inclusive of tankers, gas carriers and smaller ships and barges to accommodate the needs of our traders for delivery to regional customers from bulk cargoes delivered to Puerto Rico.

TREE Maritime Logistics operations provides shipping and freight services to FuelBank’s various fuel traders and third-party buy-side customers. It operates as a service provider securing competitive and reliable freight for our physical fuel traders.

Shipping and chartering operations are managed out of TREE’s main terminal office in Puerto Rico. All post-fixture operations, which include issuing voyage orders, completing stowage plans, negotiating with port agents and handling demurrage claims are managed centrally from our San Juan office.

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