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Our priority is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities by optimizing water management, air emissions, waste management, and spill prevention and response, in addition to considering biodiversity a key element by investing in and producing biofuels as a major or primary part of our portfolio of fuel products.


We will always seek to minimize our impact on the environment, wherever we operate.

We will work to avoid environmental incidents: our rolling target is to have no major or catastrophic environmental incidents.

Our approach


Our ability to manage environmental risk as part of our environmental policy, aligns with global and industry standards and defines how to eliminate and where this is not possible, mitigate, manage environmental risks; and determines environmental plans and management systems.

We aim to always minimize any adverse impacts from our business operations on the natural environment. This includes building our understanding of climate change and responding to its effects.

We believe in assisting the growth of emerging economies, so our goal of contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction fits with our policy on the environment. Our operations are able to stimulate development in the regional markets and communities we trade in.


We recognize, as an Oil & Gas company, that our activities and those of our business partners can have adverse impacts on the environment. We seek to manage situations where we have both direct and indirect supply chain impacts. We seek to mitigate such risks by acting responsibly and by exercising diligence in appointing suppliers and contractors. Our activities are codified in our Responsibility Policy, Business Principles and, where appropriate, specified operating expectations.


The physical fuels trading sector, (which involves the physical transportation of fuel products from either tank to tank, ship to ship, in or out of pipelines) rightly, faces increasing scrutiny. We are building a more robust and resilient business model by promoting transparency and connecting our activities with what matters most to our shareholders. 

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