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We make reasonable efforts to ensure that our activities do not have negative impact on human rights, and should they occur, we do everything we can to correct them. Moreover, we do everything within our power to prevent impacts directly related to the activities of our business relationships

Respect for human rights is one of our priorities


Our presence is targeted in 37 countries and always align our operations with the United Nations Guiding Principles. We foster the respect for human rights by following standard international principles and developing our own policy to ensure they are met.

We recognize companies' role as agents of change that must respect human rights and all applicable laws. We are aware that, due to the nature of our activities and the conditions in some of the environments where we operate, there are some areas with a greater risk of impacting human rights concerning:

  • Our relationship with public and private security forces.

  • Our business relationships.

  • Our relationship with different communities.


We defend the international regulatory framework and ensure human rights. Therefore, we follow the principles set out in:

  • The International Bill of Human Rights

  • The International Labor Organization Declaration, and the eight fundamental conventions that underpin them:


1. Freedom of association and protection of the right to organize
2. Right to organize and right to collective bargaining
3. Forced labor
4. Abolition of forced labor
5. Minimum age
6. Worst forms of child labor
7. Equal pay
8. Discrimination (employment and occupation)

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