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Our continuous research & investment in state-of-the-art technologies ensure
TREE's strategic initiatives support an efficient and futuristic global fuels plan.

Our research team comes with a variety of specializations working at the TREE Technology Division, with a mission for the future: to find new ways to produce zero-carbon, zero-sulfur fuel, more sustainably and more efficient conversion.


TREE’s technology plan employs a number of advanced technological applications & IT systems that will support our core business, including Risk Assessment & Management, Trading, Settlement and Financial systems, which structure our trading positions and financial exposures globally on a daily basis. These allow management to monitor the firm’s overall exposure and implement appropriate measures on a timely basis. Our operations- and trade-related activities are supported by an array of specialist applications, enabling global functions to work harmoniously regardless of location.


IT security policies are upheld by the deployment of advanced data security systems and secure data centers that protect data assets globally. Our IT infrastructure is highly resilient with no single point of failure and we have back-up systems and procedures for every degree of disruption.

TREE employs a range of globally consistent corporate systems to support its core business, including for:


  • Fuel Trading

  • Risk Assessment / Management

  • Credit Risk / Management

  • Finance

  • Shipping and Logistics

  • Compliance


Continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology ensures TREE’s global strategies and initiatives are supported in an efficient and secure manner as it operates a global fuel exchange from the shores of Puerto Rico.

TREE Technology Division -

Puerto Rico

Our Operations are more efficient with Advanced Technology.

Transaction Support

Marketplace Solutions

Trade Pricing Solutions

Virtual Procurement & Fuel Logistics

Automated Payment Networks

App Payment Processing

Terminal Fuel Transfer Systems

Pipeline Toll Transaction Management

Tracking Support

Terminal Usage

Terminal Reporting System 

Fueling Pier Reporting System

Terminal / Pipeline / Fueling Pier Reporting Portals

Inventory Management Systems

TREE has sought to implement an efficient application of new terminal operations technologies. The Company seeks to invest in innovation development by implementing cutting-edge designs and technologies into every area of its operations.

Being one of the world’s largest physical fuel exchanges, TREE subsidiary, FuelBank, stringently abides by the highest global environmental standards and prides itself on the environmental management system it has in place.

Investments into future opportunities, including into innovations to gradually reduce the consumption of natural resources, materials and energy while maintaining the maximum possible output are considered by TREE as its strategic priority. The Company is committed to seeking and utilizing new technologies that it believes to be one of the key preconditions not only for its own development, but also for the development of the entire country.

The following are the factors contributing to the Company’s success in finding solutions to those goals:

  • availability of well developed R&D infrastructure;

  • prospecting operational planning;

  • implementation of innovation projects;

  • international partnerships.


Due to the adopted scientific and technical development program the effort is now under way to create new technologies for the development of viscous oil and mature fields.

The Company constantly tests new high-performance technologies to achieve its strategic goal of compensating production with the increment in reserves. Thus, despite the fact that the reserves in the Company’s traditional regions have already been developed for a long time, the Company is still able to maintain stable well flow rates, while in a number of regions it even achieved improvement in production figures. The performance being demonstrated is a result of the use of innovation technologies and improvement of the quality of geological and hydrodynamic models. To improve performance of the production operations by cutting the costs and increasing productivity, the Company is running a program of pilot projects.

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