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Mission & Vision

Strategic Directions

Build and maintain R&D focus & capabilities in highly advanced, AI-based renewable fuel production technology and AI-based trading and terminal operations technology, including infrastructure aligned with our business objectives through a physical R&D center in collaboration with our strategic partners.

Proactively adopt and develop new technologies that align our global business and strategic plans. Utilize alternative, renewable and other fuel biofuel production sources as an increased value-proposition to the TREE strategic business objectives.


Strategic Objectives Statement


  • Develop R&D/TM Skills and Capabilities.

  • Manage the development, establishment and operation of TREE R&D/TM Physical / Virtual Entities.

  • Capture and Implement R&D/TM Opportunities to Overcome Business Strategic Challenges.

  • Peruse the utilization of alternative and renewable energy sources in TREE businesses in  an optimal approach economically and environmentally.

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