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How do we become a Supplier to FuelBank?


We take a global approach to procurement. If you are interested in becoming a bulk supplier, please reach out to the FūelBank™ Trade Desk or compliance department and confirm which department that you would like to work with.

Is there a set standard for all Suppliers?


Yes. The Code of Conduct establishes the requirements for our suppliers. The Supplier Standards formalise these requirements and provide further detail on our supply chain management practices.

How do you assess that Suppliers have met compliance?


We undertake appropriate due diligence of our current and potential suppliers, following a risk-based approach.  Depending on the results of the risk assessment, suppliers may be required to complete a self-assessment against our Supplier Standards.

How do I become a Trader with FuelBank?


Please contact our HR department, based on whether you wish to be an onsite trader at the Trade Desk in San Juan or remotely at your own site, in your own country.

If I wish to buy fuel from FuelBank, can I visit your site?

Site Visits, Yes

Yes, as long as your pass compliance, FūelBank™ will welcome you to our Trade Desk in San Juan and Terminal / Port site, along with your SGS, Intertek or AmSpec rep to confirm product quantity & specs and close your trade contract onsite.

Does FuelBank provide logistics support like vessels?


Yes, FūelBank™ can provide vessels to our traders or buyers for delivery to regional or international ports from Puerto Rico.

Do you guarantee discounted fuel supply?

Discounted Fuel

Yes, FūelBank™ guarantees all fuel stocks sold are discounted from standard market pricing - either Platts (Gulf Coast) or OPIS, depending on the quantity ordered. Logistics costs are separate.

Do you provide Term Contracts?

Contract Terms

Yes, FūelBank™ can provide term contracts for 1 year or longer depending on the buyer passing certain compliance benchmarks and realistic contract terms.

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