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Investor Relations

TREE as an Investment

We are global, integrated, sustainable, and present throughout the entire value chain. These are just some of the compelling attributes that make us as an attractive company.

Fulfilling our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 


Despite a volatile oil and gas market and high fuel prices, we believe achieving our objectives as outlined in our Strategic Plan and Financial Projections represented in our Private Offering is on track. We are focused on regional growth and the creation of value to our regional partners by securing discounted bulk fuel supply from our strategic refinery partners and offering those discounts to our regional customers.

Strategic Investments

Our investments are based on our Strategic Plan


Between 2022 and 2024, we will distribute an investment of $6.5 billion USD in our first Puerto Rico terminal by expanding the current available terminal capacity from 3M bbls to 12M bbls. Beginning in 2023, over a 5 year period, we will invest a further $17 billion USD to expand the current terminal to between 75M and 85M bbls of storage capacity. This will include $2 billion USD for new initiatives involving international expansion in service stations, petrochemicals, biofuels production and trading, as well as other low to zero CO2 emissions projects.

Our Operations Mix
Operations Mix.png

Planned Investments and Divestment 


Below is a summary of the planned investments and divestment targets for TREE and FuelBank for both regional operations and global expansion:


Terminal Acquisitions

TREE planned terminal acquisitions go beyond our first acquisition in Puerto Rico and sees the FuelBank exchange operating trade desks in multiple sites globally. Current plans are to expand the first terminal site to 75M bbls of storage with up to 200M bbls planned for Puerto Rico.

Trade Desk.jpg

Global Trading Exchange

The FuelBank physical fuel exchange is structured to receive discounted bulk fuel stocks at TREE sites and distribute smaller batches of fuel product to regional customers. All trade customers are able to plan for their channel distribution from the FuelBank app.


Marine Vessels Acquisition

In order to be more efficient and in control of FuelBank scheduling on trade tickets with its buyers, TREE has negotiated the purchase and lease of various sized vessels in order to facilitate the exchange business model and secure ourselves of the uncertainty inherent in physical fuel trading.

biofuels prod.jpg

Biofuels Production

TREE shall invest in initially two specific renewable (WtE) processing plants - Thermal Gasification of MSW and Pyrolysis of tires & plastics for the production of Biofuels - biodiesel, biogas & biojet, in order to meet the continually increasing global demand for Biofuels, which seems to be the only legitimate way to keep combustion engines alive.


Exploration & Production

In order to have better controls on our pricing & profitability, in our fiduciary obligations to our investors, TREE has sought investment opportunities in producing oil & gas fields and partner refineries in order to have more secure supply chain management and has partnered with BlackWell Oil Ventures to gain access to producing wells.


Retail Service Stations

As part of its 'Full-Cycle' economics approach > 

E&P > Refining > Marketing / Trading

> Retail

TREE shall acquire gas stations in order to complete its strategic business model and has begun negotiating with the first 500 of 8,000+ branded & un-branded gas and truck stations available to TREE.

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