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TREE has negotiated a contract to acquire its first targeted deep water port & tank farm site that, the firm believes, if used as a petrochemical terminal with a physical fuel trading model, has the promise of immediate positive cash flow and growth potential.

The site contains 160 petrochemical storage tanks, connected to a large, operating deep water port facility, adjacent to another deep water port facility, owned by the local port authority. 

The site has 1350 acres of prime industrial coastal land that we plan to use to expand the existing tank farm. The firm believes there is room for 200 to 250 tanks to be constructed and added to the overall tank farm & pipeline system as more capital becomes available through its financing efforts.

While the core value of this acquisition and TREE falls within the physical site and its facilities, the value proposition our team provides is the added profitability that physical fuel trading will bring using the tank farm as our capital reserve and commodity bank.

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