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This port presents a unique opportunity for TREE to build and operate a fuel storage terminal & fuel trading exchange, branded as “FūelBank™”, which would be of regional & global importance in the fuel trading industry, with a dedicated deep water fueling pier and with direct links to a nearby airport with a 11,000 ft. runway. This facility (with more than 3,000 acres of industrial land planned for the installation of over 500 fuel tanks), was originally built following military standards and currently has capacity to store more than 34,150,000 gal. (813,000 bbl.) within 8 tanks, of various kinds of fuels, which would take 6 months to be reconditioned and put back into service, with the opportunity to generate a daily bi-lateral flow of fuel to the global market and allow FūelBank™ to quickly earn fees related to fuel trade.

This existing target location for the operations of FūelBank™ is currently part of a 100-acre fuel storage area of an 8,600 acre facility. The existing tank farm area is currently composed of three parcels totaling 59 acres and contains a deep-draft fueling pier, eight (8) storage tanks, a pumping facility and a laboratory building. Fuel pipelines run from the fueling pier, though the eight tanks and to a nearby airport, arriving at a large above-ground jet fuel steel tank.

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